NYC shooting in Claremont Park injures 3, including 11-year-old


An 11-year-old and at least two other people were shot Saturday when gunfire erupted in a Bronx park, law enforcement sources told The Post.

The 11-year-old and at least one other victim are fighting for their lives and in critical condition, sources said.

Witnesses told The Post shots rang out at Claremont Park near Teller Avenue and East 172nd Street around 11:30 p.m., during a party celebrating Central American independence.

The 11-year-old victim was taken to Bronx Lebanon hospital, sources said.

Another male victim was taken to Lincoln Hospital and is listed in critical condition, according to sources.

One of the other victims is a teenager, sources said.

The terrifying scene sent people hitting the ground for cover, running in a dangerous stampede to try to get to safety, witnesses and sources said. Parents scrambled to protect their children from the hail of bullets, witnesses said.

A group of individuals were turned around by police officers at Lincoln Hospital’s emergency room, where one of the victims is in critical condition.
Robert Mecea

“I was scared for my kids,” a mother who identified herself as Amy told The Post. “My kids were screaming ‘mommy.’”

Amy and her two children – 12 and 6 – were walking in as the gunfire began. After seeing the violence and panic, she doubted whether she’d attend another community event like the party.

“Everyone was all over the place,” she said. It was crazy … [I’m] never again coming to events like this, especially staying late.”

There were between 200 and 250 people when the shots were fired, said Bronx resident Eddie Alvarez, 42.

“I saw the gun being pointed at the crowd,” Alvarez told The Post. “I thought I was hit. He was shooting as he was leaving the park. He was shooting at everybody.”

A local resident estimated over 200 people to be at Claremont Park at the time of the shooting.
A local resident estimated over 200 people to be at Claremont Park at the time of the shooting.
Christopher Sadowski

“It didn’t look like it was a personal altercation between two individuals,” he added. “It looked like he was trying to get whoever he could get … His evil intention was there.”

Police cleared a large crowd of people who were inside of the park at the time of the shooting. Later, many still remained outside the park with coolers, paper plates and red Solo cups.

The perpetrators are described as three black males in black t-shirts and blue jeans who fled in a white Nissan with Texas license plates, according to police sources.



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